Sunday, September 30, 2012

Wash Day

It was really time for a wash I've been so busy this week from running errands to spending time with my family I hadn't got a chance to sit back and wash my hair.Since I've been using my new homemade moisturizer this week my hair has really been feeling moisturized sometimes to moisturized so I decided to try a protein treatment. Yes, I know How I've said my hair really doesn't like protein How I need moisture, which usually I do since my hair continually feels dry but the homemade spritz left me a little over moisturized which it think is a good thing. I only had to moisturize my hair maybe 4 times this week.

1. Prepoo & Hot oil Treatment overnight with a oil mix of Castor oil, EVOO,Vitamin E, and Coconut oil
2.Shampooed with Elasta QP Moisturizing Shampoo. I really tired to focus on my scalp more so then my hair shaft and let it run down. I only did one shampoo this wash.Then I T-Shirt blotted my hair to remove water.
3. Protein Treatment with Motions Professional Protein Reconstructor CPR. Applied to entire hair shaft covered with plastic cap and left on about 10 min.Instead of siting under the dryer, I put on one of my husband fitted Hats to create body heat.While washing it out I instantly noticed the difference with my hair, my hair felt a lot more stronger.
4.Instant Conditioned with my homemade conditioner mix which was dark and lovely Instant Conditioner, Suave Conditioner, Vegetable Glycerin,and a couple drops of vitamin E.Left this on about 3-5 min while I showered.I didn't have time to follow up with a deep conditioner.
5.Spritz hair with Vegetable Glycerin Spritz in order to draw in moisture.
6. Leave In applied was Elasta QP H2O.

Detangled hair and placed in a mid low bun to air dry since I was in a rush for a Interview I brushed down my edges with a soft brush and wore a bun to the interview.

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