Friday, December 28, 2012

How to: Homemade Length Check Shirt

Hey Ladies so we have all wanted a length check shirt but sometimes we just cant bear to pay the price. We'll I have a solution on how to make a homemade length Check shirt for under $5 Yes I said $5. I purchased my shirt for less than $2 while thrifting you could use a old shirt.

Items you'll need:
Ruler or measuring Tape
T-Shirt (any color)
Sharpie Marker

This is a picture tutorial:

All the items you will need Place them on a hard surface

Place your Ruler or measurement tape down the center back of shirt mark each inch

Mark each inch 
Next draw your line.

Congrats ladies You just made your Homemade Length Check shirt.

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Sew In Hair Care 101


I see this question asked a lot and thought I would make a post regrading. First I want to say learning how to take care of your hair during a Sew in is not difficult so don't stress the only thing is making sure you don't neglect you hair while its in. By neglecting you hair this can cause you hair to grow and collect bacteria.

Items you will need to maintain you hair and promote growth are:

2 color applicator bottle
1 small spray bottle                  
Leave In

That's it ladies
On wash days which should be about every 7 to 14 days. Take one applicator bottle and fill with shampoo and water, the other bottle fill with your deep conditioner and water. You will won't to make sure your deep conditioner is moisture based since your hair is hidden you'll need to keep it very moisturized in order to retain length and not break off. Apply the products by lifting you tracks and squirting the product between you braids. Afterwards take your hands and gently message working the product into a lather.Do not focus on your hair weave but instead you natural hair. When done rinse very well until water runs clear. Next apply you leave in.

For drying you have two options setting under a dryer or using a blow drier. I don't recommend Air drying since your hair is covered this could take along time and your hair could also mildew if it doesn't dry in areas. This could cause a major problem and stinky hair.

Daily you will still Moisturize and Seal you hair with a Moisturizer and a Oil of choice. For moisturizing you can use a braid spray, regular moisturizer, or a homemade conditioner moisturizer. To make applying you oil sealant of choice easier you can use a spray bottle. Do not overload you hair with to much product this will cause build up.                         A CLEAN SCALP IS A HEALTHY SCALP

Hope this help ladies if you have any questions or request let me know

Friday, December 14, 2012

2013 Healthier & Sexier You Challenge

Hey ladies I have started a Workout Group on  please com join I will post the info below.

This Group is for anyone who wants to loss weight or tone their body. Whether you have a lot to lose or just want to be healthier this group is for you. Come Join Us and lets help motivate each other.
2013 is the year we take responsibility for our health inside and out

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Relaxer Update #1 (Corrective Relaxer)

I Relaxed my hair on Oct. 14th with Mizani Butter Blend  after being under processed by Elasta QP Lye Relaxer I decided to change relaxers to a professional brand.Here are the steps I followed

Relaxer Prep
1.Week before I washed my hair and applied  Motions CPR protein treatment  to strengthen my hair before I Relax. Normally I don't worry about doing protein treatments the week before but since I would be relaxing  parts of my hair that had already been relaxed I felt it was needed.

Relaxer Day
1. I detangled my hair with a wide tooth comb since I hadn't comb it at all during the week in order to let take a break.
2. Applied Vaseline around the hairline of my head, my ears and to my scalp
3.Parted my hair in 4 sections and relaxed using the half and half method (back of hair then the front) with Mizani BB Relaxer in Regular Strength.
4.After applying the relaxer to the new growth in that half I then applied the relaxer to the under processed hair after about 5 min., I let it sit about 10 more minutes. I could have let it stayed in longer but being this was my first time using this relaxer I decided to wash it out.
5. Then I rinsed the hair with Elasta QP Naturalizing Shampoo 3 times and the last rinse I let it sit on the hair for 5 min to make sure the relaxer was completely out.
6.Followed up with Motions CPR Protein Treatment, Rinsed and applied Elasta QP DPR- 11
7. About a hour and a half later siting around (I fall asleep) with deep conditioner under a plastic cap and hat
.I rinsed then T-Shirt dried, applied leave-ins  Infusium 23 and Elasta QP
8.Applied Organix Coconut Breakage Serum. This was my first time using this product.
9. Detangled and Trim about a Inch off my ends
10. Air dried with a scarf  hair pulled back into a ponytail with the ends twisted.

This Relaxer day took a longer time because I was using the half and half method I had to go back and do everything twice plus I was doing a Corrective instead of just a Retouch.In the end I really loved the results and my hair felt super moisturized .I didn't fell like flat ironing my hair and couldn't find my Rollers to complete my Roller Set.
I didn't do a official length check I'm still wanting to wait until Dec. but will see how that goes
Next Day I take my hair down and wore a Bun.
Top pics before Relaxer

After Relaxer Air Dried Hair

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Where Are U

O Where O where did I go................

Sorry I seem to have gotten lose. I have been making a lot of changes from my internet company and a lot of home stuff so I've been adjusting.But no excuses I have really been slacking on my hair I not sure whats going on but I really need to refocus. I relaxed my hair and will do a update post even though the post is coming late.

Reason I my be lacking and unfocused is because I'm trying to reach  BSL I have been protective styling in buns since the beginning of my hair journey. This has become very boring and I really need a change I mean my buns are usually straight back low buns. If I'm really up to styling then its a high bun which happens only once every blue moon. Its time for me to enjoy my hair the way and length that it is.Also Buns seem to keep my ends in not the best shape.

So back on the Wagon I go

Friday, October 19, 2012

Weight Loss Update #1

Hey Ladies So I have some great news I'm still on my journey and I've started a Juice Fast. I completed a 15 day Detox by NOW brand to restart my body and prepare for losing weight. This cleanse was great.During this time I also focused in on my eating habits eliminating processed foods, sugar, and all types of liquids except for water.The one bad habit I had was Chips since I would eat a Subway for Dinner.

This week I started a Juice Fast which basically means I will be juicing my foods which are fruits and vegetables only. Juicing is very healthy, it assists in weight loss, helps your body to heal, provides vital nourishment, and straightens your immune system. So while juicing my seem like a extreme measure I've learned that sometimes we have to take extreme measures.Its extreme for me to sit here every day eating processed and all the other unhealthy foods that could eventually make me sick, cause a disease and eventually make me die.

Today is Day 4 of my juice fast. How many days do I plan to continue?  Really I'm not sure I guess it depends on my results Maybe 30 or hopefully 60 Days. But I have learned I have to take this 1 Day at a time.  So far I've lost 6 pds on this juice fast and I feel great. I still cant believe how great juicing taste I love it because I'm not sacrificing my health I providing my body with all the nutrients it needs.I actually slipped on day 3 and at a small Frito pie and as soon as I started eating eat I wanted to throw it away. The taste just wasn't appealing to me and its not worth it.I don't plan on making this mistake again.

Any questions on Juice Fasting let me know.

12 pds down in my journey to healthy life