Thursday, September 20, 2012

Wash Day

  Sorry for the lateness I actually washed my hair on Sun. This was a very simple Wash day where I tired out new techniques.

1.Co- Washed with Suave Conditioner Mix.Let set for 5 min
2.Conditioned with Elasta QP Intense Fortifying Conditioner for 5 min. Rinse with cold water and T-shirt dryed
3.Applied Elasta QP Leave In
4. Next I tried out my new Water and Glycerin moisturizer spritz.
5. Applied a bit of  Coconut oil and Detangle
6.After detangling I let me hair air dry in a high pony with ends braided

I tired something new this wash day. First I started off by Co-washing my hair with Suave Conditioner.I never really liked this product but decided to give it another try by mixing it with a tsp. of Vegetable Glycerin and 5 drops of Vitamin E oil.I must say my hair loved it. I not sure what made the big difference but I believe it was the glycerin which help my hair absorb the moisture. I will be using this again. After I applied my hair felt very soft compared to how it was felling at first which was very very dry. I didn't even feel the need to deep condition afterwards so instead I applied my deep conditioner and only left it on for 5 min. My hair felt great.

As for styling I let my hair air dry in a high pony with braided ends. The next day I took at the braid and wore it in a high bun.

Next time I'll try and take pics.

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