Tuesday, September 25, 2012


So I've been thinking how I want to start documenting my weight loss journey. Well. there's no right way. I'm tried, tired of waiting, tired of being fat, tired of not feeling like me, tired of not enjoying my body not taking a stand and just being pure lazy.

This is it I am no longer the fat do nothing girl or the quitter. I am the fat girl who will lose weight I am fat to fit.rolls to curvy and too tight to that fits nice.

My story

Ok so growing up I was always a nice shape actually I was too skinny at times and I heard that my whole life: You need to eat or gain some weight. Well I did that and it wasn't a good thing.
After getting married and becoming pregnant with my son in 2007 I  started to gain weight not because I ate alot because my body wasn't us to eating often. before then I would eat one time a day and it would be a small meal and I thought that was all I needed. So my metabolism was damaged from eating that way for so many years the earliest, dating back to when I was in middle school.

Once I started eating to feed my baby and after complications(swelling n etc.) during my pregnancy. I went from 135 to 210.Well that was in 2008,  4 years ago and I'm still struggling with my weight I've tried many diets HCG, Weight Watcher, and the Cabbage diet. I've worked out off and on with still no permanent results.I lost weight and gained it back.Well I'm done with that chapter, It's time for a Change.

So here I am today with my husband and were ready to make a change. Our focus for our family is not so much on dieting but creating a healthy lifestyle.

Starting weight: 218

Starting weight:279

Join me on my journey to better health and a better me.

Do you have weight loss goals? Join Me.

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