Thursday, September 20, 2012

Homemade Rose Water

So I recently tried my hand at making some Homemade Rose Water and thought I would share.There are many benefits to using Rose Water and multiple ways to make Rose Water you can even purchase it already made from the Store. Rose Water is great to use for its moisturizing benefits, it can be used as a conditioner for hair or a Facial Toner.
What you'll need:
medium sauce pan
rose petals (about 2 or 3 roses)
water (preferably filtered or distilled)

vegetable glycerin
organic oil

1.Fill your sauce pan 3/4 way full with water place on stove and heat on high to boiling with a lid on top.
2.After water is boiling add rose petals and turn down water to low heat  or either remove from stove.
3. Place cover back on top of pan and let rest for 45 -60 min. Stirring occasionally.
4.When roses are done water will then be the color of roses.Drain roses from water and store in container.
 Best if stored in Fridge

After Rose water is cooled you can add your optional ingredients like vegetable glycerin.

Hope this helps


  1. Hellooo It's Ashli from Hairlista! Omg If you ONLY KNEW how long I have been searching for a rose water recipe that didn't include me going to the garage and getting an old, gross, and dirty brick! This is so helpful thanks(:

  2. you welcome happy to see someone could use it. I like this way because its simple let me know how it goes.