Thursday, August 30, 2012

Hair Regimen & Products

I have tried many products since I have been on my hair journey but I find these products work best for my Relaxed Hair. My hair usually tends to be dryer so to combat this problem I typically use a lot of moisturizing products and only use protein when needed. I try to keep my Routine very simple.


Moisturize & Seal in Sections

Pre-Poo/ Hot Oil 1x for at least 30 min.
Shampoo 1x
Deep Conditioner  1x with heat 30 min (without 1+ hr )

Protein Treatment
Dusting if needed

Bun 99% of time
Flat Iron (maybe every 2 months)

Current Products

Moisturizing ShampooElasta QP Shampoo for Relaxed Hair

Clarifying ShampooORS Aloe Shampoo- 1x Month

Protein ConditionerORS Replenishing Conditioner- 1x Month

Deep Conditioner: Elasta QP DRP- 11
Elasta QP Intense Fortifying Conditioner

Leave In:Infusium 23 or Elasta QP Leave in H2

Moisturizer: Elasta Qp Recovery Moisturizer, 
Moisturizer Spritz: Aloe Vera Juice, Glycerin, & Water

OilsCoconut Oil (Pre-Poo)
EVOO (Hot Oil)

Relaxer: Elasta QP No Base Creme Relaxer Regular

Neutralizer; Elasta QP Stop Action

Scalp Base: Vaseline 

Come on In!!!


            Hey and Welcome to my Blog. My name is Yohanna.Nice to meet you. Come on in and make yourself comfortable. This Blog will consist of different Topics from my hair journey, health and all things Beauty.

            I will start by telling you a little about my Relaxed hair background. I have been on my healthy hair journey since July 2011 Since this time I have grown my hair from Damaged Neck Length to Almost Bra Strap Length (1 inch away). My ultimate goal is to make it to Waist Length healthy hair. 

            This my first time blogging but I think it will be helpfully to me and anyone whom passes through this blog. I am starting this to document my journey  and to help, hopefully Inspire anyone else on there Journey or looking to start. Any question or Request I'll be happy To help. 

                                                  Please Stay Awhile & Subscribe  

                                                  Good Luck on Your Journey