Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Under-processed Relaxer/ Texlaxed

Under Processed Relaxer........ SMH 

I am so confused I've doubted with myself many times whether I should stay texlaxed or do a corrective relaxer. I've relaxed two times this year with Elasta QP Lye Relaxer both left my hair under processed and texlaxed, unlike when I used the No Lye version (last year) my hair was completely relaxed and straighten. Not sure If I should go back to no lye relaxer or just switch to another lye brand. 

Texlax is not for me I love to be able to easily style my hair and have smoothness with styles I cant even make my bun look nice and I sure don't want to try a rollerset like this. I've came to the conclusion I love more bone straight relaxed hair its easier for to handle and grow.

Corrective Relaxer here I come I am so scared but I guess I have to be a big girl. Wish me luck I'll let you ladies know how it goes. I plan on Relaxing later this week so I'll have time to find a better relaxer to try.

As for as my hair styling goes I just been buning my hair and I'm really getting tired of this styles so hopefully after I relax I can try something new.I'm really interested in trying some half wigs, we'll see how that goes.
I co-washed my hair last night with Elasta QP Intense applied my H20 leave in and air dried in a low bun.

I'll also be doing a update later this week on my Weight Loss 


  1. Hi Yohanna..I have exactly the same problem..I wanna do a corrective with a no-lye but I want to wait 2 weeks and do protein treatments with mayo beforehand..bt the wait is so hard cos my hair is tangling and breaking off terribly..because the two textures just don't agree..I'm very interested to know your results

  2. Hey I have done my corrective relaxer and will be posting the results and a review of the relaxer I used which was Mizani BB. I say go for it and let me know how it turns out.Just make sure you do a protein treatment a week before and one after.