Friday, October 19, 2012

Weight Loss Update #1

Hey Ladies So I have some great news I'm still on my journey and I've started a Juice Fast. I completed a 15 day Detox by NOW brand to restart my body and prepare for losing weight. This cleanse was great.During this time I also focused in on my eating habits eliminating processed foods, sugar, and all types of liquids except for water.The one bad habit I had was Chips since I would eat a Subway for Dinner.

This week I started a Juice Fast which basically means I will be juicing my foods which are fruits and vegetables only. Juicing is very healthy, it assists in weight loss, helps your body to heal, provides vital nourishment, and straightens your immune system. So while juicing my seem like a extreme measure I've learned that sometimes we have to take extreme measures.Its extreme for me to sit here every day eating processed and all the other unhealthy foods that could eventually make me sick, cause a disease and eventually make me die.

Today is Day 4 of my juice fast. How many days do I plan to continue?  Really I'm not sure I guess it depends on my results Maybe 30 or hopefully 60 Days. But I have learned I have to take this 1 Day at a time.  So far I've lost 6 pds on this juice fast and I feel great. I still cant believe how great juicing taste I love it because I'm not sacrificing my health I providing my body with all the nutrients it needs.I actually slipped on day 3 and at a small Frito pie and as soon as I started eating eat I wanted to throw it away. The taste just wasn't appealing to me and its not worth it.I don't plan on making this mistake again.

Any questions on Juice Fasting let me know.

12 pds down in my journey to healthy life

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